Over 25 years of experience focused in developing dehumidifiers and heating systems for swimmingpool water for domestic, sport and public use. Talleres del Agua is one of the companies with the widest international scope.

Our commitment is clear, a quality product and an exclusive service dedicated to the customer. The international experience that supports us and assistant in design and installation means a high knowledge about the markets and requirements in the implementation and operation of these kind of installations.


This responsibility also rests on the excellence of our following services:

R&D de­partment is constantly resear­ching and developing new pro­ducts that improve the comfort of users and that in turn save energy and water consumption. To do so, it has a laboratory whe­re the devices developed are tested until they meet the high quality standards to which they are subject.

The quality of the products: the exhaustive quality controls imposed by Talleres del Agua, the compliance with regulations and the respect of the environment, reach the total satisfaction of the customer.

Technical assistance: We guarantee repair of any anomalies that may come up as soon as possible.


For this we have more than 5,000 square meters of installations and an experienced team of professionals working for you with the highest standards of quality.

Talleres del Agua through its R & D is in a continuous optimization in the design of their products in order to reduce their consumption. Such efficiency means savings for the customer and a significant contribution to reducing emissions to the environment.

The high efficiency dehumidifier is the top product in this way, saving on electricity bills up to 60% compared to conventional equipment by location and model.

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